Let’s start by saying my last two post just left the screen. What’s with the blinking of the page?? No matter how we think life will go it shows us… We are not in control. So as you can see not many blogs pages here. The deal is I will try and post  what is written in my dairy of “What to Blog About” which by the way was suppose  t o be all about my art and the Bayou Belles, so I’ll do my best to post these before I jump into my field of study at this time in my life. The subject are very controversial. If you comment be nice and respect everyone’s point of view and believes. If something  offense you I have a solution don’t read my blogs anymore. Second when you see (IMO) that means in my option. If you feel the need to be ugly on my blog I will block you. My hopes are that maybe some of the things I blog about will  open someone’s mind a bit and they can learn to be more tolerant of other peoples thoughts and believes. A word of caution I love conspiracy theories. I may not believe them all but it is wonderful reading.  Life is full of mysteries  let’s hunt some up.

Laisser les Bon temps rouler Sha      


100% had enough!!

Very very tired of changing my pass word. This is my iPad and we get along for the most part but I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 I hate it….. Got it because like a bigger screen after all my eyes are not getting any younger. So have not been posting , it actually wears me out some days trying to get a page up to type on. Here’s the kicker while I am typing I have to wait a few seconds for the words to appear on screen. Yea it is very frustrating. Wanted to tell y’all more about the belles and let mt cat Marley do the rest of the storie from his point of view. Well if one of my devices does not get with it I’m going to run over all of them and start over……. Can a person not have Window 10?????!

Y’all have a joy filled day no matter what life is a choice: will I be happy today or sad? I know some days it is hard to pick the happy wishing you well lots of  Crazy Cajun Cat love ….❤️❤️❤️


Yes time is flying and life has jumped me. Have not written something in so long will have to get a grip!!!  My cat Marley (aka) crazy cajun cat says I should just breath and relax then put down what we see while sitting in the back yard.  ​Sometimes I think he is right, just go for it. We’ll pass a good time friends…. 

100% Cajun Descent Maybe….


What does Cajun mean?? It depends who you believe. Cajuns – A person of  French  Canadian descent born or living along the bayous, marshes and prairies of Shouthern, Louisana. (pages.cs.wisc.edu)

My family are descendeds of French speaking immigrants from Acadia Canada area. So the name Acadians was placed on the people around 1877. Yes we were thrown out of home land so others could take over and make their   Fortune  in gold and money . The families that made it down here to Louisiana and set up their Families  and loved our swampland, bayous and marsh.

In in order to have our last names spelled the same Judge Paul Briant of St. Martin parish put the X on the end of our last names. It has been  rumored  it was also done to track the Cajuns. (Acadian.org)

My maiden name is Robicheaux.

Cajuns have a strong love of family, friends, food and culture. To me Sha having people over for a good meal be it boiled crawfish, crabs, or gumbo it’s a good time.Yes do love to dance in the streets.

No I am not 100% Cajun, so the family trees tell me. Daddy’s side is Native American,Italian,and Cajun.

Mothers side Cajun, Spanish and a  touch of English. So as you  can see I am 100% American but my all time favorite is CAJUN…





2017 Madi Gras

Yes I grew up with Madi Gras bein an import Holiday. Here is a story about the colors : 

GREEN – stands for Faith 

PURPLE – stands for Justice

GOLD – stands for Power 

“Madi Colors comes from a Russian Grand Duke Alexi Aexandrovich Romanov. He was living in Louisiana for Madi Gras in 1872  when he suggested the colors. That year Rex decreed that the three colors officially belong to Madi Grss.” This fact about Madi Gras can be found on the web site of  Cajun Radio (1470 am & 1290 am) Lake Charles /Jennings, Loyisiana.My mother would help design Madi Gras floats and Ball Growns. Her designs where so colorful and beautiful. A ball gown would be designed around the theme of  the ball. It would take days to put all the sequins on the dress. So much family fun. Did I mention I have 3 younger sisters? We would spend hours together gluing sequins on the ball grown with a 3 feet train.

We where so proud to help mother and her lady friends. The adults made the floats. What joy it was to ride high on a float and throw beads at people.

Sha, it is the only day you can throw things at people and it is legal.

May your gumbo pot stay full. Laisser les Bon temp Rouler  Sha