Having 3 cats for child has it’s challenges. My oldests in the bag Tabby (10 yrs.) is a girl that’s my little angel. Of they are all Angeles but this one has a sepical place in my heart. Tabby has a very small head and a big butt. Then came her sister Sophia a long haired gray and white. She listen when called and is so lady like. Sophia will be 5 this summer. Then last May 2016 a loud talking male showed up, hurt and  starving, so we took him in and took him to the  veterinarian . The doctors told us he is a “Maine Coon Cat and they can grow up to 40 pounds.” He was right at 10 pounds that day. Anyway, had to cut his tail it was broken in a few places and fix a hole in his side. Now Marley. Is about 26 pounds and some days very active. As you can see he loves to getting on his sister’s last nerve. Here is challenge 1: most nights I open the door around dark and call the cats in. Shopia comes in and Marley gets right to the door edge turns and runs. He does this three times then comes in for the night.  I could scream but I do not so I guess he has me trained. That is that for now Sha. My your Gumbo pot be full. Laser les don temps rouler Sha !!!



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