100% Cajun Descent Maybe….


What does Cajun mean?? It depends who you believe. Cajuns – A person of  French  Canadian descent born or living along the bayous, marshes and prairies of Shouthern, Louisana. (pages.cs.wisc.edu)

My family are descendeds of French speaking immigrants from Acadia Canada area. So the name Acadians was placed on the people around 1877. Yes we were thrown out of home land so others could take over and make their   Fortune  in gold and money . The families that made it down here to Louisiana and set up their Families  and loved our swampland, bayous and marsh.

In in order to have our last names spelled the same Judge Paul Briant of St. Martin parish put the X on the end of our last names. It has been  rumored  it was also done to track the Cajuns. (Acadian.org)

My maiden name is Robicheaux.

Cajuns have a strong love of family, friends, food and culture. To me Sha having people over for a good meal be it boiled crawfish, crabs, or gumbo it’s a good time.Yes do love to dance in the streets.

No I am not 100% Cajun, so the family trees tell me. Daddy’s side is Native American,Italian,and Cajun.

Mothers side Cajun, Spanish and a  touch of English. So as you  can see I am 100% American but my all time favorite is CAJUN…






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