100% had enough!!

Very very tired of changing my pass word. This is my iPad and we get along for the most part but I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 I hate it….. Got it because like a bigger screen after all my eyes are not getting any younger. So have not been posting , it actually wears me out some days trying to get a page up to type on. Here’s the kicker while I am typing I have to wait a few seconds for the words to appear on screen. Yea it is very frustrating. Wanted to tell y’all more about the belles and let mt cat Marley do the rest of the storie from his point of view. Well if one of my devices does not get with it I’m going to run over all of them and start over……. Can a person not have Window 10?????!

Y’all have a joy filled day no matter what life is a choice: will I be happy today or sad? I know some days it is hard to pick the happy wishing you well lots of  Crazy Cajun Cat love ….❤️❤️❤️


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