Having 3 cats for child has it’s challenges. My oldests in the bag Tabby (10 yrs.) is a girl that’s my little angel. Of they are all Angeles but this one has a sepical place in my heart. Tabby has a very small head and a big butt. Then came her sister Sophia a long haired gray and white. She listen when called and is so lady like. Sophia will be 5 this summer. Then last May 2016 a loud talking male showed up, hurt and  starving, so we took him in and took him to the  veterinarian . The doctors told us he is a “Maine Coon Cat and they can grow up to 40 pounds.” He was right at 10 pounds that day. Anyway, had to cut his tail it was broken in a few places and fix a hole in his side. Now Marley. Is about 26 pounds and some days very active. As you can see he loves to getting on his sister’s last nerve. Here is challenge 1: most nights I open the door around dark and call the cats in. Shopia comes in and Marley gets right to the door edge turns and runs. He does this three times then comes in for the night.  I could scream but I do not so I guess he has me trained. That is that for now Sha. My your Gumbo pot be full. Laser les don temps rouler Sha !!!


Goals Maybe??

This blog will be personal with a mixture of art. Yes at time I would love to sell a painting now and then. Once in awhile  let’s talk about holidays in Bayou country. Then there  might be a touch of my childhood days. If you have any questions please ask if I can answer will and if not will let you know or I could look it up.

  New Orleans, Louisiana , we love the city and try to go as much as possible, seems no matter how many times I walk the streets there is something new to see each time. What you say?? Let’s not forget about the ghost trying to get in on anything going on in the city. They or should I say most of them  like the company.
May your Gumbo Pot Be Full

Laissez les Bon temps rouler  Sha 


My shadow is so happy to be out. Since I need a mission today it will be to set goals for this blog page. 1. Let ya’ll know what is gong to take place here. 2. Then of course a short history of the Cajun Bayou Belles, and since my imagination at times runs wild, I will include my toy gator family. 

Is this blog only personal ? Maybe not. Will I write about growing up in the Bayou country??  Perhaps.

May your Gumbo pot be full.

Laissez les Bon temp router Sha  


Nothing like getting up in the morning with list ready of things you got to do today. Yea Sha it feels good and i look around and say to yourself I can do it,  then life steps in . Yes other things now need my attention. So i suck it up and grab a big mug of community coffee dark roast, cause Sha I need  the extra boost.  I start moving along and before I knew its 3:00 pm. What have I done??  No art yet so I go into the art room and start painting. First things first I drop a brush full of paint then put my hand into the very blues paint. Yes things are going cra cra (this means crazy as it gets). 

Did get this one almost finished . 

Well phone ringing….. 

Trying to start a blog is way more difficult than I though. After reading many articles on the subject and ordering “Blogging For Dummies,” by Amy Blair Lupoid (yes I sue Amazon), today I will just write. Is there a theme to this blog?? Check back later because the madness has just started. Since you cannot hear my Cajun accent or inflextions in my voic these blogs may seem borning, flat,not interesting, but keep in mind Sha, this blog will be written just like I talk and spelling , the iPad keeps correcting my spelling. So just kick back and get a good laugh out of it. One more thing do I speak Cajun French ?? Only a little but will try and learn more.  May your Gumbo pot be full . Laissez les Bon temps roulette Sha.